Boston Contemporary Dance Festival

August 16th 2014


The Boston Contemporary Dance Festival brings a diverse array of contemporary dance artists from across the U.S. to Boston, for a performance opportunity like no other. With an audience capacity of 1,300+, there will be dozens of talented companies performing to raise well-deserved recognition for Boston’s Contemporary Dance scene. We hope you join us in this wonderful experience! 

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12 PM: Boston Showcase

Collaborative Piece featuring: 

Choreographed by: KK Apple

OnStage Dance Company, The Legible Bod(y), Boston Dance Productions, Penumbra, Shirah Burgey Dance, Deirdre Lewis, Kinetic Synergy Dance Company

Independent Companies: 

Ali Smith - Independent Choreographer (Boston)

Angie Conte -  Angie Moon Dance Theatre (Boston)

Brian Washburn - Independent Choreographer (Providence, RI)

Cayley Christoforou - Extensions Dance Company (Salem, MA)

Chantal Doucett: Independent Choreographers (Danvers, MA)

Danielle Pastuszak and Ryan Valente - Independent Choreographers (Boston)

Erica Ligeski - Company Four (Boston, MA)

Heather Budinscak - FreeFall Contemporary Dance Company (Bedford, NH)

Jennifer Gamache-Dublio - Eclipse Dance Company (Longmeadow, MA)

Jessica Muise - Intimations Dance (Somerville, MA)

Sarah-Katarina - Boston Community Dance Project (Boston)


3 PM: National Showcase 1

Aaron Atkins - Ballet Inc. (NY, NY)

Colleen Edwards - Dragonfly Ballet Theatre (Portland, ME)

Elizabeth Shea - Elizabeth Shea Dance (Bloomington, IN)

Emily Mayer: Independent Choreographer - (Great Barrington, MA)

FATIMA Logan - VashtiDance Theatre (NY, NY)

Hee Ra Yoo - Yoo and Dancers (NY, NY)

Jean Appolon - Jean Appolon Expressions (Boston, MA)

Jessica Taylor - DAMAGEDANCE (Brooklyn, NY)

Junichi Fukuda - Fukudance (Portsmouth, NH)

Katie Paquin - Independent Choreographer (Providence, RI)

Robert Mark Burke - Independent Choreographer (Elmwood Park, NJ)

Sheena Annalise - Arch Contemporary Ballet (NY, NY)

Zach Law Ingram - 6 O'Clock Dance Theatre (Miami, FL)


7:30 PM: National Showcase 2

Andrea Dawn Shelley - iMee (Infinite Movement Ever Evolving) (Newport, RI)

Andy Noble - NobleMotion (Houston, TX)

Arielle Petruzella - Zella Dance (Hoboken, NJ)

Ayako Takahashi - Independent Choreographer (Cambridge, MA)

Dante Brown - Dante Brown | Warehouse Dance (Brooklyn, NY)

Ellenore Scott - ELSCO Dance (Long Island, NY)

Emilio Colallio - EmiMotion (Toronto, Canada)

Laurie Sefton - Clairobscur Dance Company (LA, CA)

Lydia Zimmer - Independent Choreographer (Boston, MA)

Margot Gelber Independent Choreographer (NY, NY)

Michael Cerwinksi - Michael James New York (Brooklyn. NY)

Suzanne Beahrs - Suzanne Beahrs Dance (Brooklyn, NY)

Tara McCrystal - SPUNK and COmpany Dance (Reading, MA)

Andy Noble - Urbanity Dance (Boston, MA)